Due to very bad weather, many flights, inbound and outbound, were delayed.  At the airport counter there was a long line of people waiting to be rebooked, and the gate agent was doing her best to attend to everyone’s needs. Most of the customers were patiently waiting their turn.  But one gentleman pushed his way to the front of the line and stated that he simply had to get on the next flight because he had an important meeting to attend.  The agent politely explained that he had to wait his turn, that there were a lot of people in front of him. He kept insisting and then finally asked, in a very pompous tone of voice “do you know who I am?”

Without missing a beat, the seasoned agent grabbed  the  microphone and announced to the crowd: “Attention! Attention! Does anyone here know who this man is? He seems to have lost his identity!”  The man was insulted and immediately countered with “Well, screw you.”  And very calmly she responded, “Sir, you’ll have to get to the end of the line to do that, too.  There are a lot of people ahead of you!”

The whole crowd burst into applause.

Source: Based on Loretta LaRoche, Life is Not a Stress Rehearsal
(Broadway, 2001) pages 11-12


There is road rage, air rage, cyber rage, gender rage, inner city rage, supermarket rage! Why is there such an enormous amount of rage?

Where does it stem from?

Of course, the sort of sarcasm depicted in the story could put any airline out of business pretty fast, but the applause from the crowd indicates  that people are excited when arrogance is not rewarded.  And isn’t that what a lot of rage is about? Arrogance, self-entitlement, a low threshold of frustration?


Author: philipchircop

I'm a Jesuit from Malta, an artist at heart and madly in love with all things beautiful and soulful: music, painting, sculpture, photography, film, theatre, poetry, good company, good food, good wine and more. I believe that beauty is a wonderful entry into the mystery of the God “whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.” God can be sensed in all things if and when we engage in a long, loving look at the real that surrounds us. I consider myself a seeker with bottomless curiosity, an eternal student of life, exploring fresh and creative ways to proclaim the Good News in the hope of helping fellow pilgrims and seekers to embrace real and radical changes that will lead to conversion and transformation.

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