A school bus that carried both black and white students had been plagued with fighting. Determined to improve the situation, the bus driver devised a plan. One day, when they were on the road, he stopped the bus and said to one of the boys, “What colour are you?” The boy replied, “White.” Said the driver, “No, you are green. Anyone who rides in my bus is green. Now what color are you?” “Green,” answered the boy.

After having all the white students identify themselves as green, the driver asked one of  the black kids “What colour are you?” and she said, “Black.” “No,” said the driver, “you are green. Anyone who rides in my bus is green.” So, all the black kids on the bus said that they were green.

A few miles down the road, the driver heard a small voice from the back of the bus, “All right everybody; light green on this side; dark green on the other.”


Here’s a slightly different version

A couch of a southern team with a lot of racial problems said, “Look, there;’s no more black guys and no more white guys on this team. From now on everybody is one colour – green.”

They got out on the playing flied and he gave orders, “All right, all the light green guys on this side, and all the dark green ones on that side.”

Source : Unknown.
Both versions are retold as remembered .


“A great many people think that they are thinking when in reality, they are only rearranging their prejudices.”  | William James, the nineteenth century American philosopher and psychologist, once remarked,


Author: philipchircop

I'm a Jesuit from Malta, an artist at heart and madly in love with all things beautiful and soulful: music, painting, sculpture, photography, film, theatre, poetry, good company, good food, good wine and more. I believe that beauty is a wonderful entry into the mystery of the God “whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.” God can be sensed in all things if and when we engage in a long, loving look at the real that surrounds us. I consider myself a seeker with bottomless curiosity, an eternal student of life, exploring fresh and creative ways to proclaim the Good News in the hope of helping fellow pilgrims and seekers to embrace real and radical changes that will lead to conversion and transformation.

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