Stories are medicine, small doses of what matters, and it is the telling that releases the medicine, the telling that soothes our pain and shares our joy. That the deepest stories are passed from generation to generation is a kind of cultural vaccine that requires each of us to ingest the ounce of truth each story carries. How? By telling each story for ourselves. It is in the truth of stories that we meet and join.

Inevitably, we tell and retell our stories until we understand all that they have to teach us. We tell and retell the stories we hear because we can’t experience everything by ourselves. We keep stories alive because to re-member is to put broken pieces back together. We keep learning from stories how to make things whole.

Mark NepoThe Exquisite Risk. Daring to Live an Authentic Life


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thanks for following my blog 🙂 You are creating a wonderful treasure trove here. You may know of ‘Kalila and Dimna,’ selected Fables of Bidpai, retold by Ramsay Wood? If not they’re worth exploring. They tales first appeared 1700 years ago, in Sanskrit. Many story tellers are indebted to these tales, Aesop, La Fontaine … My tattered copy was published by Paladin, Granada 1982.


  2. Nice way to define stories. They are medicines. What an interpretation! original and different.
    Thanks for following Meenas Poems..
    Hope you find them interesting.
    All the best.


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