Once upon a time a young man, on a bicycle ride around the world, stopped awhile in a West African Village to help build a bakery. It took several months to build the bakery. They made bricks from crushed anthills.  Every day the village children came to help.  None of the kids had shoes but one happy little guy always wore one sock – no shoes, just a sock.  He was about ten years old.  He got nicknamed One Sock.

One day someone, curious, asked, “One Sock, tell me about this one sock you always wear.”

He said proudly, “My mum washes it every night.  I wear it every day.”

“Yes, but why do you wear one?”, the other continued.

One Sock seemed surprised by this silly question, and then smiled broadly and said, “Because I only have one!”

Source | Based on Andrew Matthews, Happiness in Hard Times


Are you content with what you have? Or are you always wanting what you don’t have? Perhaps you have lost  something: your job, an opportunity or a precious possession. Perhaps you have lost someone: a spouse, a friend or a business colleague. Perhaps you are in that space of feeling lost and don’t know what to do next. Here is the first thing and perhaps the only thing you can really do: accept where you are.  Embrace the present reality.

For a change to happen one must first make peace with the present situation. Drop the the blame, the guilt, the shame. Drop the “what ifs” that choke and limit.  Growth and maturation unconditional acceptance.

Acceptance does not mean “I want to stay here.”  Acceptance means: “This is where I am – and now I choose to move in the direction of my deepest urgent longing of my heart.”