A young couple, great dog lovers, lost their adorable dog, which they rescued from the streets.
They wanted the dog back badly and they went round the neighbourhood posting a sign with a photo of the dog. The sign read:

  • Black and tan dog of Poodle and German Shepherd descent.
  • Flea-bitten
  • Missing left hind-leg
  • No hair on rump
  • Blind in left eye
  • Broken tail
  • Recently neutered
  • Too old for tricks
  • Might bite if cornered
  • Answers to the name of “Lucky”


Now that’s unconditional love! It is a love that is not afraid to embrace defects, imperfections and brokenness. And the dog, well, I suppose it is indeed “lucky.”

And what about you and me? To know that we are embraced by a God who is tenderness and whose mercy is fresh every morning, a God who is always bigger than our biggest failure, wound, defect or sin, birthing us and loving us into being afresh on the pulse of each new dawn!