A traveler was wandering in the desert when he met Fear and Plague. They said they were on their way to a large city  where they were going to kill 10,000 people. The traveler asked Plague if he was going to do all the work. Plague smiled and said,  “I’ll only take care of a few hundred.  I’ll let my friend Fear do the rest.”

Source: Iam A. Freeman (Todd A. McCain),
Seeds of Revolution: A Collection of Axioms, Passages and Proverbs, Volume 1 (iUniverse, 2014) page 33.


  • What is it that you fear?
  • How much of your life is stolen away by fear?

Here are two quotes to chew on:

  • Do that which you fear to do, and the fear will die. -Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Fear enlarges as you move away from it, but shrinks as you move towards it. -Anon