A computer programmer didn’t show at work on Monday. After tree days of not having any news from him his colleagues started to worried and have decided to go visit his place to see what could happen.

After 30 minutes of ringing the bell and knocking on the door, they broke into his house and found him in a bath tub, sitting in cold water, staring at an empty shampoo bottle that he held in his hand. He not only didn’t reply any question his friends asked  him, but did not even notice their presence. He simply kept looking at the label on the shampoo bottle as if he were in a trance.

When his friends finally managed to force the shampoo bottle out of his hands,  they read the following instruction: “Pour a small amount of shampoo on a palm of your hand, work through wet hair. Rinse. Repeat.”


  • In life it is always beneficial to know where and when to stop.
  • No matter what you read and what you are told to do, never forget the precious gift of common sense.
  • Don’t get trapped in infinite loops. Always provide an exit condition.


A woman suddenly stops a man walking down the street and says:

“Henry, I am so happy to see you after all these years! My, how you have changed! You were so tall and you’ve grown so short. You were so well built and you’ve grown so thin. You were so fair and you’ve become so dark. Good grief how you have changed in five years! What happened to you, Henry?”

Finally, the man got a chance to interject: “But ma’am, my name is not Henry! My name is John.”

To which the persistent woman calmly responded: “Oh, so you changed your name too!”

Source | Adapted from Anthony de Mello, Awareness, page 28.


  • We all have our positions, don’t we? And we listen from those positions.
  • How do you get people like that to really listen?
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